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Payment terms
When you make payments by the intermediate of, you agree to the following terms of payment:
1. A confirmation of transaction on , implies your acceptance of the acquittal of the corresponding payment.
2. The total price can or can't may include taxes, of expedition and other charges. It is your responsibility to verify this information.
3. Sales are final.
4. A payment by credit card or bank card may require the prior agreement of the card issuer. Your card will be debited at the time of purchase or shortly thereafter. A cancellation of transaction before the finalization the of procedure may cause your funds to temporarily a unavailable.
5. You are solely responsible for the overdraft charges or other charges imposed by your bank.
6. The participation of a parent or legal guardian in the transactions and reading of this contract is mandatory if you are under 18 years of age.
7. When you buy with, your financial information is not communicated to any merchants.
8. All amounts are display in Canadian Dollars.
9. Unless opinion stated, offers are not cumulated.
10. reserves the right, in any time, to cancel an offer and refund the purchases made.


The protection of your personal information is important for hereinafter referred to as "us". We therefore apply a strict privacy policy when collecting, using, communicating and retention your personal data.
In the present contract, "Chiczelle" or "us" designates and understands, its employees, its administrative staff, its management team, legal and financial teams, consultants and subcontractors. "Personal Information" means personal information that identifies a person.
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The collection of personal information
Personal information may be you requested when you register as a user, when you make a purchase on one of our platforms, or when you contact us or any of our affiliates. We and our affiliates may exchange this information in accordance with this confidentiality policy or the use it to provide you with appropriate products, services, content or communications adapted. When ordering, we may ask you for information concerning about your credit card(card type, number, expiration date, authentication code and others) for the purpose of collecting credit card payments. The refusal to provide this information implies the impossibility of concluding the command or the activity referring to it.


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Disclosure of Personal Information
We may communicate some of your personal information to business affiliates only when necessary to record an order. The use of this personal information will be conform with the terms of this confidentiality contract.

The sites and services of third parties
We are not and can not be held responsible for the content and internal policies of management the private life of websites other than ours.

Changes to our policy
We may, at any time, make changes, revisions or updates to our privacy policy without notice or notice to that effect.

Questions about confidentiality
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